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Tips & Tricks

Summer Projects with InfoReady

Suggestions for projects to take your use of InfoReady to the next level and make the platform more effective at your institution.  

Tips & Tricks

Tech Tips: Nominations and Awards

Discover how InfoReady can automate and simplify your nominations and awards programs, from collecting nominations to assigning reviews and approvals.

Tips & Tricks

Design Your Review Process: Approvals

The InfoReady platform provides several ways to gather approvals efficiently from how the form is set up to how approvals are assigned.

Tips & Tricks

Tech Tips: Travel Grants & Approvals

Aside from approving and funding travel grants, InfoReady helps with the important activity of tracking safety plans and other general reporting...

Tips & Tricks

Tech Tips: No-Cost Extensions

InfoReady handles no-cost extensions for a grantee or awardee to extend their project end date and budget period, without obtaining additional funds.

Tips & Tricks

Clever Ways to Use Dates and Deadlines

Recent updates to the details page of a competition allow administrators to show or hide any field to applicants, including dates and deadlines.