Tips & Tricks

Easy Recipe for Application Success

With a few easy-to-use ingredients, InfoReady helps higher ed administrators cook up perfect competitions for funding, awards, fellowships and much...

Product News

Server Migration and Updates

The InfoReady team has been hard at work the last several months building new infrastructure for InfoReady on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Tips & Tricks

Clever Ways to Use Dates and Deadlines

Recent updates to the details page of a competition allow administrators to show or hide any field to applicants, including dates and deadlines.

Tips & Tricks

InfoReady Administrator Listserv

InfoReady's listserv facilitates conversations among InfoReady administrators, as well as our Client Services team, so that all can fully use the...


Answers At Your Fingertips!

The InfoReady Support Portal has answers-on-demand as you work through the system’s features and functionality and forums to share best practices.