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Jenn Hudgins

Jenn Hudgins

Jenn is a Marketing and Communications manager at InfoReady, a SaaS company with an industry leading workflow software platform, primarily used in higher education and research. Jenn's marketing responsibilities at InfoReady have included, conference event management, social media management, website building, writing (social media posts, website content, case studies, blog posts, awards applications, etc.), vendor management, internal retreat planning, securing client webinar panelists, among others. Jenn also worked at InfoReady for four years as an Account Manager. Her work with InfoReady clients helped to build strong relationships. Jenn provided clients with highly relevant solutions that saved them time, increased transparency, allowed tasks and projects to be moved more easily between client admins, increased clients' ability to report and analyze data, and allowed clients to be able to easily manage follow up tasks with faculty, staff, and students.
Client Stories

InfoReady welcomes the California Walnut Board

InfoReady announced today that the California Walnut Board has selected InfoReady as one of its online internal research competition system providers.

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Voting with InfoReady

Texas Tech University used InfoReady to facilitate the Staff Senate responses regarding assisting members of the TTU community.