How to Double Limited Submissions: Tips from an AVP

  • November 30, 2018

The following is a list of tips from Kim Littlefield, Asst. VP for Research and Development and Learning, University of South Alabama. By adhering to her cleverly-designed process, she was able to more than double her office’s limited submissions. 

1. Keep it under one roof

Giving the process a home and a single point of contact is a critical first step in providing accountability, auditability, and accessibility.

2. Increase awareness 

At the time, Kim centralized the posting of limited submission information in two locations: the RDL website and InfoReady Review. However, using InfoReady Scale’s brand-new capabilities present a phenomenal way to aggregate and promote opportunities to the desired audiences within a single ‘marketplace,’ ensuring that awareness and visibility are no longer issues to struggle with.

3. Standardize and automate processes

The University of South Alabama purchased InfoReady Review to assist with the standardization and automation of the administrative tasks associated with limited submissions competitions. When a full competition is necessary, Kim automates the entire process, and is now able to manage far more competitions in the same amount of time.

 “What used to take 15-40 hours to administer now takes 1-2 hours.” Kim Littlefield

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