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  • November 25, 2022

Our Story. Odds are you likely associate InfoReady with research. Over half of Carnegie R1 institutions and over 225 institutions around the world currently use the InfoReady platform in their research operations. The platform has benefited institutions of all sizes and focuses to help streamline and organize research activities. What many people don’t know is that the majority of these institutions also use InfoReady for non-research purposes in a variety of other units and departments on their campuses. Research leaders typically obtain InfoReady to help manage specific research processes and programs, such as Limited Submissions and internal funding opportunities. They quickly realize that the flexibility and ease of use offered by the InfoReady platform can streamline and automate a number of other submission and review processes, both within the research office and across campus for non-research purposes. People in other units then learn about InfoReady and decide that it would be beneficial for them as well.

InfoWhat? InfoReady empowers administrators to have full control over their processes. Admins create the posting for an opportunity, create and collect forms and applications, and then are able to automatically route submissions to reviewers with no IT assistance needed to create workflows. The platform even facilitates the task of assigning and collecting follow-up reports used to determine outcomes, impacts, and metrics. The whole process can be managed from a dashboard where administrators have a full view into their process or program. InfoReady also automates communication, enables the instant creation of PDF application packets, and streamlines reporting of the data and information you collect. Doing it again for the next cycle or fiscal year takes just a few minutes by using a saved template or copying the previous year's process to launch the current cycle. If data management and reducing double entry of info is big for you, then work with us to configure inbound or outbound data feeds that can be connected to your other systems.

Use Cases. InfoReady is used to manage many processes throughout the institutions we serve. New, unique use cases are added frequently as more groups adopt the system and more functionality gets introduced to the platform. Some of the most popular uses outside of research offices include:
Implementation and Ongoing Support. Worried about having the time, energy, and people to implement InfoReady? Fear not, as a no-code solution, the InfoReady implementation is an “easy lift” compared to most software. Onboarding, including site set-up and training, takes only a few weeks to have you ready to launch your first opportunity. The only time an IT contact is truly needed is for the initial SSO integration with the platform. Besides the user-friendly design, the InfoReady platform is backed by a highly regarded support team and resources, including:  
  • Account managers
  • Support team (admins rave about the team)
  • Robust knowledgebase portal
  • How-to guides
  • Training videos
  • Webinars
  • Case studies
  • Blog posts with best practices and tips
  • Newsletters
  • Listserv filled with other administrators
All of this combines to empower administrators to quickly learn how to use the platform with no IT Intervention. Our team ensures users have all the necessary resources during the onboarding process and the account managers ensure that any ongoing support needs are met, which includes optimizing your core processes and brainstorming new ways to use InfoReady. The platform is a straightforward solution that will streamline and tame varied workflows and processes.

Peer Proof. Want to hear the scoop from institutions who are using InfoReady? We have a variety of content that can be found on our website put together in collaboration with our clients. A few highlights include:
Jennifer Coffman from the University of Minnesota emphasizing how InfoReady has helped them to increase efficiency for both graduate student and research processes by having one central platform: Quote from University of Minnesota Michael Winemiller from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center elaborating on the various and unrelated processes where InfoReady can be adopted:
Quote from UT Southwestern Medical Center

Hilliary Creely from Indiana University of Pennsylvania succinctly encapsulating what InfoReady means to her institution and the processes her office manages:

  Quote from Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Do you have a process or workflow that you manage? Are you sick of spending an inordinate amount of time dealing with emails, spreadsheets, and document management? What are you waiting for? Schedule a demo today.

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