Spreading the Word: Tips for Introducing InfoReady Across Campus

  • July 26, 2023
Acquiring any new software platform can feel like a daunting task. Rolling it out successfully at your institution can seem like an even bigger challenge and requires appropriate planning. Below are several InfoReady resources to help you spread the word about switching to InfoReady throughout your organization and to different audiences.
During onboarding and implementation, administrators may initially be focused on transitioning old processes and learning technical aspects. However, the project team should always keep the communication plan in mind throughout the process. Once they feel comfortable sharing the platform widely, the implementation transitions to the main marketing stage.
Use Multiple Communication Methods.
Since everyone has different preferences and habits, it’s imperative that communication go beyond a single method or single attempt. For the news to be absorbed, the message has to be consistent and reach the audience in the spaces they normally engage. Please visit this page for examples of emails announcing InfoReady.
  • Vanity URL - Customize your InfoReady site URL to match your institution's domain. The familiarity will make it easier to remember.
  • In-person Events - New faculty/staff orientation, faculty senate meetings, ad hoc presentations, etc.
  • Email signature - Include the link to your InfoReady site and a short description that stakeholders will see with each message you send.
  • E-newsletters - Highlight in notifications sent to different listservs.
  • New Webpage – Create a webpage introducing InfoReady, describing how/why it will be used, and how people can ask questions about it.
  • Links on other websites - Replace old links on any existing sites or ask your IT team to set up a re-direct to InfoReady.
  • Social media - Share on any social platforms your audience visits. Send from your unit’s profile (if available) and re-share with your own profile (if you’re comfortable).
  • Swag - Pens, mugs, notepads, or any other items used often
Explaining InfoReady to Different Audiences
Applicants (often faculty, but could also be students, staff, and external users)
  • Simple to access and apply at a centralized location
  • Save progress of incomplete applications that aren’t ready to be submitted
  • Visibility and transparency of processes
Reviewers (usually faculty or staff, internal or external)
  • Consistent interface with customizable forms
  • Can see historical record of review feedback
  • Easy to see to-do list that keeps everything organized
Letter Writers and Recommenders
  • Easy way to provide letter of recommendation or reference
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Time saved by consolidating and automating processes
  • Launch new cycles of programs and processes within minutes
  • Exporting data from a single location
Senior leadership
  • Resources saved (staff time and financial)
  • Ability to promote and administer opportunities that align with strategic plan
  • Improved data management
  • Functionality to manage multiple types of use cases
Of course, we're always ready to help with a demo or Q&A session. Just ask your account manager or request a demo.
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