Cancer Center Membership Applications with InfoReady

  • March 12, 2024

For cancer researchers, navigating the complex world of research funding, collaboration, and access to resources can be daunting. This is where membership in a cancer center offers a significant advantage. These specialized hubs bring together researchers, clinicians, and support staff in an environment that fuels discovery and accelerates progress in the fight against cancer. 

With membership to the cancer center providing access to significant resources, it is essential to properly vet prospective members to ensure an active and collaborative community. Yet, managing the membership application process can be time-consuming.  

One of the many ways cancer centers use InfoReady is to manage the membership application process.

Michael Winemiller, Department Program Manager at Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center (SCCC), University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, uses InfoReady to manage their application process. “Membership is another area, that because of our comprehensive cancer center (NCI) status, where we have a lengthy process to obtain approval to become a member here.” Using the same flexible platform for managing funding opportunities, HR and financial process, and membership applications has many benefits. Michael adds, “You can set as many routing steps or routing scenarios as you need to, depending on the package that you have, and the approval needs of your organization.” 

InfoReady creates a streamlined and automated method for collecting membership applications, documents, and letters of recommendation. Administrators can set up a multi-step review and approval process that allows center leaders to carefully consider applications across multiple criteria and to determine membership category and program assignments. Final decisions can be entered into InfoReady with custom email notifications sent out as needed.  

If the cancer center wants help identifying impacts and outcomes of membership, then InfoReady’s Progress Report functionality can be leveraged to assign and collect follow-up forms or annual reports that are connected back to the initial membership application. All the data can be seen within the InfoReady platform, exported in real-time, or even be delivered to an external data repository through integrations. 

Rebecca Latimer, Research Program Director, at University of Virginia Comprehensive Cancer Center, customizes the application in InfoReady to collect very specific information about new members and request uploads of cover letters, bio sketches, and CVs. “InfoReady puts it into a nice PDF so I can easily send applications to the appropriate leadership for review. I am also able to utilize InfoReady to send an email notification to applicants that I’ve received their application and provide a timeline when it will be reviewed. It’s been really helpful in organizing our membership and making sure all our members are accounted for." 

In addition to new membership applications, workflows can be set up for annual membership renewal/review, trainee memberships, and even mentor applications. InfoReady allows administrators to copy one process and make modifications to accommodate another type of process. This has the added benefit of standardizing fields, and, subsequently, standardizes the data across multiple workflows.  

Using InfoReady streamlines cancer center membership applications for all stakeholders, shortens processing time, and creates a centralized location for individuals and workflows. 

Watch our Peer Spotlight webinar recordings to learn how Cancer Centers are using InfoReady to streamline a host of programs and processes. 

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