The General Template is Anything but Ordinary

  • February 11, 2021
When you invest in technology, you want to use it to its full capacity. InfoReady offers a variety of templates, such as Multitrack and Bulletin Board, for your various needs. The General template allows you to expand on the types of processes being managed in InfoReady, as evidenced by the multitude of ways it is being used by UT Southwestern Medical Center. In contrast to the Funding Opportunity template, the General template has fewer default fields, language is more generic, and the flexibility to edit field labels on the Requirements pages (e.g. the “Title” field). These differences allow administrators to design and automate submission and approval processes for: 
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  • Dissertation Reviews
  • Equipment Repair Approvals
  • New Position Approvals
  • Program Admission Decisions
  • Sabbatical and Tenure Decisions
  • Technology Licensing Decisions
  • Travel Requests
  • Petition and Waiver Requests
  • Staff Senate Voting

...and more!

Below are some tips to making the most of the General template in InfoReady:

Requirements: What information do you need from the individuals submitting to you?
  • This can be an application, form, nomination, or submission of any type.
  • Use the form builder to add customized questions and instructions for each.
  • Collect collaborator or partner information in the Co-Applicants section.

Routing Steps: What will your review workflow look like?
  •  Document a quick “Yes” or “No” with an approval step.
  • Utilize ratings and comments boxes to build a rubric, with all the math done for you!
  • Craft a custom review form to gather the exact feedback you need to make decisions later in the process.

Progress Reports: What kind of follow up data will be helpful to gather?
  •  Have initial submitters/applicants formally accept the outcome within the system.
  • Require regular updates or re-submissions to track any changes to the original version.
  • Collect notes, reflections, or outcomes from users to tell the story of their project.

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