How to Use Pivot-RP & InfoReady Together

  • June 24, 2019
The integration between Pivot® by Ex Libris (a Clarivate company) and InfoReady™ allows administrators to drastically shorten the time from finding a funding opportunity to beginning to collect applications ( or even provide a curated list of relevant opportunities to researchers ). In a recent webinar, we invited Hayley Bohall, Research Opportunity Manager from Arizona State University (ASU) , to walk through how she uses the Pivot to InfoReady Review integration to help with her limited submissions process. Hayley uses the integration on a weekly basis and shared best practices from her overall workflow management.
Here are her tips:
  • Use saved searches from Pivot to quickly find postings in different categories for your institution.
  • Create templates in InfoReady Review™ for the steps that don’t get populated by Pivot, such as the application form and review process. Then when you push the opportunity from Pivot, your competition is nearly complete!
  • Edit deadline and delete any fields from Pivot that you don’t need to simplify the posting.
    Utilize a student employee to go through Pivot and create draft competitions in InfoReady Review™. The administrator can then launch at their discretion. Bonus: The student spends more time learning about the research process and specific funding organization requirements, and less time on mindlessly copying and pasting data between systems.
  • Maintain a list of recurring opportunities to help construct internal timelines year after year.
We want to thank Hayley for sharing her guidance and expertise with our webinar attendees. Her demonstration of the Pivot to InfoReady Review™ integration highlighted an important tool that saves administrators valuable time.
Are you an administrator with accounts in both Pivot and InfoReady™? If so, contact to set up the integration at no additional cost.
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