Using the Participating Organization Hierarchy

  • February 22, 2021
Do you want to flag opportunities as open to only individuals from specific colleges or departments? Do you need to collect unit affiliation information from your applicants? If so, the Participating Organization Hierarchy feature in InfoReady will ensure you collect standardized data based on your institution’s organizational structure. Administrators provide a master list during the onboarding process, but can also add or edit entries over time directly in the system.

Users can select the unit(s) they belong to either in their user profile or when filling out an application. If the latter, then the selection in the application will automatically update their user profile. To add an additional affiliation or appointment, users would select the appropriate unit in the Secondary Organization field. Super Administrators and Global Administrators are able to make these profile selections on behalf of other users.

User profile screenshot

Below are descriptions of use cases for the Participating Organization Hierarchy to make sure you’re getting the most out of this functionality:

  Primary Uses

1. Classifying competitions - Administrators can select entries from the Participating Organization list on the Details page to target specific groups of potential applicants. The selection(s) will be included in reports about the competition.

2 . Restricting applicants - To further build on #1, administrators can limit applications to a competition to only those individuals who have identified that they are part of one of the eligible units.
InfoReady screenshot  
  3. Application question - Administrators can include a question on the application form to collect an applicant’s “Primary Organization”, which is retrieved from the same standardized list of units.
Primary organization
4 . Applicant selection - Applicants then search or use the arrows to expand the list and select their affiliation.
Organization screenshot    

5. Managing applications - Administrators can sort and filter applications in the Application Grid by Primary Organization to take action on applications with the same affiliation in batches. The filter also allows admins to select multiple options at once.

Data grid screenshot

Advanced Uses

1. Custom Label - Change the default term “Primary Organization” to anything that suits your needs, such as “Primary Department” or “Main Affiliation”. Please contact to make the changes.

Example 1:

Custom label image  

Example 2:


2. Department-Driven Routing Steps (DDRS) - If you want to automatically assign specific reviewer roles (e.g. Department Chairs or Deans) to a routing step based on the applicant’s department, you can do so with DDRS. This feature maps designated reviewers by role to different levels in the Organization Hierarchy. The reviewer list can be edited in real-time within the system.

3. Multitrack Competitions - These have all the components of a regular competition, with the added functionality of being able to send applications down a certain customized "track", based on an initial gating question. You can create tracks by Primary Organization by selecting one or more entries directly from the hierarchy.

The Participating Organization Hierarchy is a feature available for all Levels of Service. If you’d like to set it up for your site or for additional technical questions, contact

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