Engagement Hub available for Corporate & Foundation Relations

  • September 3, 2020

InfoReady Corporation, a leading provider of workflow software to higher education, announced today that Engagement Hub – a graphical display of tiles unifying relevant opportunities and activities on a single webpage and allowing users to search, identify, and act upon their preferences – is now available to higher education Corporate and Foundation Relations departments.

Implementing the Engagement Hub and Scale, its backend workflow function, allows C&FR administrators to immediately showcase relevant internal opportunities, programs, and priorities. These are shared with prospective external partners and funders in a “one-stop shop” manner – whether those external entities are seeking sponsored research investment opportunities, faculty expertise, student interns or employees, departmental strengths, prospective research partners, or funding priorities. 

“Now, more than ever,” says Eric Jacobson, InfoReady Corporation President, “higher education needs the support of corporations and foundations. This is regardless of whether that support is extended in terms of grants, joint research agreements or research support. And, student opportunities and partnerships are also vital. So, it’s critical that when corporate and foundation executives visit a college’s or university’s website, they envision all that institution offers their organization. Corporations and foundations need to see how they can learn more and take action steps. That’s precisely what the Engagement Hub enables.”

InfoReady is now in discussions with 10 universities to pilot the platform and hopes to launch two institutions by end-of year.

About InfoReady Corporation

InfoReady [ www.inforeadycorp.com ] helps universities to be cohesive, vibrant, competitive and engaging communities. It achieves this through a software platform transforming higher education. Its new interface product, Engagement Hub, embedded in any university's website, allows faculty, staff, students and alumni to slide tiles to explore opportunities. Behind the scenes, it is a flexible, easy and powerful workflow engine automating laborious processes all over campus. It helps administration to accept, review, and select research grant proposals. It signs up undergrads for classes and experiences matching their interests, helping them to stay in school. It reaches out to underserved youth populations, ensuring a diverse student body in the future. Used by over 150 leading universities worldwide, InfoReady is unlocking a vibrant future for higher education.

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