Designing Your Review Process: Rankings

  • July 27, 2023
Is your decision-making process based on comparing submissions to one another? Do you need to group applications or proposals for further discussion based on initial scores? The InfoReady platform offers several options to incorporate rankings into your review process. Here are tips for using 3 different routing step types for rankings.  
1) Use a Rating Scale for Number of Submissions
  • Wait to build your review process (i.e., your routing steps) until after the submission deadline has passed, allowing you to determine the number of submissions to be ranked.
  • Select the “1 Comments and Ratings Combination” routing step type to collect the ranking for each submission.  
  • Edit the rating scale so that the range equals the number of submissions that need to be ranked in the routing step. In the example below, there are 11 submissions under consideration.
  • Reviewers are able to add comments or justification for their ranking.
Inverted Rating Scales
  • Edit the rating scale range to make 1 the highest value (i.e. the top ranked submission). 
  • For reviewers, the scale will indicate that 1 is “Stong”, as shown above. 

2) Build Your Own Form
  • If you need the ranking in combination with other types of questions, use the “Build my own Form” routing step. 
  • Use number fields to have reviewers enter the rank of the submission, or create a multiple choice question for reviewers to select the rank from a list. 
  • Make sure to mark the appropriate fields as required

3) Committee Ranking Routing Step Type
  • This routing step allows one default reviewer, such as a committee chair, to send out application packets to committee members from InfoReady. 
  • Discussion and decisions usually occur in a live meeting. The committee chair (or another designated default reviewer) can then enter the final ranking and consensus feedback in InfoReady for each submission, which helps for tracking and reporting purposes.  

Other Considerations
  • InfoReady can accommodate separate ranking processes for distinct disciplines or departments, all within the same opportunity.
  • Add a routing step for subject matter experts prior to your ranking routing step. This will provide additional information for the people ranking submissions.
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