Managing Research Development with Small Teams

  • January 1, 1970

In a recent Peer Spotlight webinar, we chatted with Carly Cummings, Senior Director of the Office of Research and Faculty Development at University of Idaho and Jenny Chao, Research Program Development Specialist at Lehigh University about their busy research development programs and how InfoReady helps.

The panelists, Carly and Jenny, shared insights into managing research operations and engaging faculty effectively. They discussed using InfoReady, a tool that streamlines processes and reduces administrative burden. Both universities have a small team, and they face challenges in managing increasing demands and collecting outcome data effectively.

Carly and Jenny highlighted their efforts in engaging faculty and identifying areas for growth. They have been conducting needs assessments to understand pain points, prioritize initiatives, and align strategic planning with the future direction of research at their institutions. They emphasized the importance of reducing faculty workload and ensuring efficient processes. Both universities have been proactive in addressing faculty needs and leveraging technology to streamline operations.

Carly and Jenny discussed the strategies they have implemented to engage faculty in a meaningful way, such as one-on-one communication, efficient review processes, and leveraging technology to minimize administrative burden. They also emphasized the importance of recognizing and valuing faculty service and contributions to the research enterprise. Additionally, they shared their plans for future initiatives, such as upgrading to a higher-tier InfoReady package to accommodate the growing needs of their institutions and enhance efficiency.

In conclusion, the webinar provided valuable insights into the challenges and strategies for managing research development and administration in higher education institutions. Both panelists emphasized the need for strategic planning, efficient processes, and proactive engagement with faculty to support the growth and success of the research enterprise. The discussion highlighted the importance of technology, needs assessments, and prioritization in addressing faculty needs and driving research initiatives.

Watch the full webinar on our YouTube channel.


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