Managing Project Extensions

  • July 9, 2020

Research project timelines are meticulously planned years out from the start date. Teams try to factor in potential roadblocks to stick to their commitments and milestone dates, but things happen: personnel changes, participants don’t show up, lab results are delayed, other funding falls through. So, then what?

Most research offices have methods for collecting and processing project extension requests, and InfoReady happens to be a convenient tool for doing so. Administrators can choose to facilitate these processes in three ways:
  1. As a separate “competition” in the system - This method acts as a submission form and routing structure to collect data about the PI, the project, and reasons extra time is needed. Requests can be sent for various levels of approval and feedback.
  2. Tracking on the Award screen of the application - InfoReady has built-in functionality to add extension information on the Award screen of the original application that was submitted. Note the main aspects of the extension, including:
    1. Approving individual or office
    2. Updated project end date
    3. Date the approval was granted
    4. File upload option with more details/documentation (optional)
InfoReady screenshot
  3) Build and collect progress reports - The progress report module links follow-up form collection to previously awarded applications. Administrators build a form (or series of forms) and assign them to applicants to collect updates on outcomes, milestones, or any other follow-up information from applicants. This process is best for collecting requests that don’t need to go through an additional review and approval workflow.
Any of these methods will reduce administrative burden and track the information in one place (rather than in multiple inboxes or shared drives), and allow admins to export the collected information in various types of reports. Administrators can even couple the aforementioned three options with additional progress reports in the system to gather other information as the project progresses, based on the granted extension.
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