InfoReady's Bhushan Kulkarni Named Purpose-Driven CEO

  • August 22, 2023

InfoReady's Bhushan Kulkarni was named by as one of their top Purpose-Driven CEOs.

"We are so fortunate in the Purpose Jobs community to be surrounded by so many executives who take a different approach: purpose-driven leadership. And today, we’re excited to celebrate 44 CEOs who lead with purpose every day. "

Icon 288x246 (2)Bhushan Kulkarni, CEO

As a fundamental leader in not just one but three tech organizations, Bhushan Kulkarni has been recognized for his fantastic leadership. His team at InfoReady said that his positivity and high energy have created a fantastic place to work. Mistakes are embraced, people are encouraged to try new things, but Bhushan also recognizes that people have lives outside of work that they should focus on too. The culture Bhushan has created makes employees feel like family, and that Bhushan values everyone on a personal, individual level. Integrity is at the forefront of each and every decision in his companies. No cutting corners, no decisions based on the easy way out. He includes people in the decision-making process and works to be transparent in the business’ direction.


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